Hon. Robert C. McFarlane
Former National Security Advisor, USESC Co-Chair

Hon. R. James Woolsey
Former Director of Central Intelligence, USESC Co-Chair

General Keith B. Alexander
Former Director of the National Security Agency, Chief of the Central Security Service and Commander of the United States Cyber Command

Hon. Norman Augustine
Former Chairman, Lockheed-Martin; Former Under Secretary of the Army

Hon. William L. Ball
Former Secretary of the Navy

Geoffrey Bible
Retired Chairman & CEO Altria Group, Inc.; Retired Chairman, Kraft Foods Inc.

Hon. John Block
Former Secretary of Agriculture

Hon. Harold Brown
Former Secretary of Defense

General Wesley Clark
Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe

Hon. William P. Clark (deceased)
Former Secretary of the Interior; Former National Security Advisor

Christopher Cox
Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission; former Chair of the United States House Committee on Homeland Security and the Select Committee on U.S. National Security

General Carlton W. Fulford, Jr.
Former Deputy Commander in Chief, United States European Command

Hon. C. Boyden Gray
Former White House Counsel; Former Ambassador to the EU

Hon. Alan Greenspan
Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Hon. Jeffrey K. Harris
Former Director of the National Reconnaissance Office

Hon. Gary Hart
Former Senator from Colorado

John Hofmeister
Former President, Shell Oil Company

Hon. J. Bennett Johnston
Former Senator from Louisiana and Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee

Hon. Mary Landrieu
Former Senator from Louisiana and Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee

Hon. John Lehman
Former Secretary of the Navy

Mike Leven
Former President, Las Vegas Sands

Governor Linda Lingle
Former Governor of Hawaii

General Barry McCaffrey
Former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

William J. O'Brien III
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, O'Brien Energy Company

Professor George Olah (Deceased)
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Hon. William Perry
Former Secretary of Defense

Hon. Mary Peters
Former Secretary of Transportation

T. Boone Pickens
Chairman, BP Capital

Donna Redel
Former Managing Director, World Economic Forum and Former Chair, Commodity Exchange

Governor Tom Ridge
Former Secretary of Homeland Security

Hon. James G. Roche
Former Secretary of the US Air Force

Hon. George P. Shultz
Former Secretary of State; Former Secretary of Treasury

Martin E Toomajian
President, Energy, Health, and Environment, Battelle

Hon. John C. Whitehead (Deceased)
Former Deputy Secretary of State; Former co-chairman of Goldman Sachs


Anne Korin
Co-director Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS)

Gal Luft
Co-director Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS)

David M. Sweet
World Alliance for Decentralized Energy